Videos of Session 1: Visual perception

Semir Zeki

The parallel feed-forward inputs to the visual areas of the brain and their significance

J. Anthony Movshon

Brain mechanisms of visual form perception

Lynne Kiorpes

Development of global visual perception in macaque monkeys

Pieter R. Roelfsema

The visual brain’s cognitive blackboard

Videos of Session 2: Insights from whole-brain Imaging

Seiji Ogawa

Two features of BOLD MRI

Brian A. Wandell

Neural circuitry for vision and reading

Wim Vanduffel

Mesoscale functional magnetic resonance imaging at 3T in awake behaving monkeys

Gustavo Deco

Awakening: predicting external stimulation to force transitions between different brain states

Special addresses:

 Boris Palmer, Mayor of Tübingen and Prof. Peter Thier, University of Tübingen

Nikos K. Logothetis

What is the brain state?